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Fleetflo was incorporated in 1994 as HCH Transportation Advisors. We have been a trusted advisor to many of the largest motor carriers in North America. With decades of cumulative experience in the trucking industry, our team has developed expertise in the licensing and registration of IRP vehicles, sales and use tax, federal excise tax, fuel and mileage taxes, titling, and per diem pay plans.

  • Decreased Costs
  • Increased Efficiencies
  • Professional Fleet Solutions
  • Maximized Refunds
  • Ensured Compliance
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We have over

28 years of experience

Clients from the Transport Topics top 100 list
IRP vehicles managed

Products We Offer

We are committed to developing products that improve carrier efficiencies and decrease fleet downtime.


Carriers are constantly drowning in the dozens of documents that regulate where a truck can travel and what it can haul. PermitsLink makes it easy for carriers to manage, organize, and distribute these documents to drivers to keep their fleet compliant and moving.

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TitlesLink provides a single location for carriers to store and organize all of their titles digitally. With TitlesLink, carriers can see the full history of a title from application to release. TitlesLink gives carriers quick easy access to copies of titles 24/7.

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FuelsLink is an online management system that helps carriers maximize their fuel tax refunds. Carriers can see and review all of their refund applications and refund checks in a single location and track which refunds were submitted and which were received.

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Services We Provide

With decades of experience, we have developed proven strategies that can reduce spending and increase savings.

Driver Per Diem

Make payroll confidently with a detailed Pre Diem plan created for you that balances driver savings, company cost, and IRS compliance.

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Licensing, Registration and Permitting

Let us handle your IRP registration, compliance and reporting, leveraging the strong working relationships we’ve made in every jurisdiction.

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Fuel Tax Refunds

We recover millions of dollars each year in various forms of off-road fuel refunds while optimizing refunds to meet the ever changing regulations

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FET and Sales Tax

Get assistance in the recovery of overpaid taxes as well as guidance in optimizing future sales and use tax management practices.

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Vehicle Titling

Experience a seamless titling process as we manage the entire course, from application to release, while we securely store your titles.

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Oversize & Overweight Routes

Have our team schedule, plan, and obtain your over-dimensional vehicle routes. Never worry about fines, as it’s handled by experts.

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